Wall of fame

trophy ipa

Single Trophy

1997 Neil Murray                                 2006 Tricia Murray

1998 Kate Chedhomme                       2008 Jim Ryan

1999 Ollivier Chedhomme                  2009 Patrick Ruff

2000 Ollivier Chedhomme                  2010 Paul F. Murray

2001 Paul F. Murray                            2011 Rene Di Fusco

2002 Jim Ryan                                      2012 Tom O’Keeffe

2004 Jackie Broderick                         2013 Jackie Broderick

2005 Tricia Murray                             2014 Jackie Broderick


Club Double Trophy

2014 Jackie Broderick and Tim

2013 Patrick and Mary Ruff

League Trophy



Jim Ryan and Joe 1st

Paul and Tricia Murray 2nd


Paul and Tricia Murray 1st

Patrick and Mary Ruff 2nd

Conor Smith and Sheila Broderick 3rd

Blitz Trophy

Complete Cuisine Gold Shield 2014

1st in main compConor Smith and Sheila Broderick 1st

George Davidson and Humberto Tavares 2nd

Mick and Joyce Nash 3rd

Frankfield Open Cup 2014

1st in mid compPaul and Tricia Murray 1st

Patrick and Mary Ruff 2nd

Jim and Martin Ryan 3rd

Troisieme Concour 2014

2nd in small compBrian Kavanagh and Owen Kelleher 1st

Laetitia Hyver and Daniel Tiedmann 2nd

frankfield photoComplete Cuisine Gold Shield 2013

George Davidson and Humberto Tavares 1st

Frankfield Open Cup 2013

Pascal’s Crepe Competition

Rene Di Fusco and Jackie Broderick 1st