About us

From circa 1990, a small number of us were meeting and playing pétanque occasionally in back gardens and on the beach. We had seen the game and played during summer holidays in France and had returned with boules purchased in the local supermarkets.

It was not until August 1991 that we formed a properly constituted club.

In mid 1991 Mick and Ina Ryan owners of Frankfield House allowed us to create a set of pistes in a corner of the car park. We now had a great location overlooking the city of Cork and the use of the excellent facilities of Frankfield House.

Frankfield Pétanque club was established in January 1992. Founding members were Paul and Tricia Murray, Jim and Sue Ryan, Tom and Mabel O’Keeffe. The other principal pétanque clubs in Ireland are in Bushy Park Dublin, North Down and Cavan.There are smaller groups in Kilkenny, Dungarvan and Kinsale.

Over the years we have attracted French families residing in the Cork area, but mostly the membership is Irish. We have always had the view that anyone could play pétanque at any age. No real fitness is required and skill can be acquired with practice.

In 1995 our premier yearly event The Boules Blitz was established. It is played in late summer and as well as Frankfield members, it attracts players from Dublin, Sligo, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Jersey.

The money prizes were the initial attraction but players return year after year ,which is a testament to the competitive play and great social atmosphere of the event Members from the club have regularly taken part in the Celtic Challenge. This is a competition which takes place in May between players from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Twelve players from each country compete for the Cup. The competition is rotated between the countries participating. Frankfield Pétanque Club first hosted the competition in 1994 and again in 2009.