Calendar 2016

Entry to all competitions must go to Sec. at no later than the Sunday prior to the competition. (unless otherwise detailed below)

Numbers entered may influence starting time and/or doubles/triples format.

Unless Otherwise Stated these competitions are open to members only

(But membership is only €35/yr and is open to all !!!)


Sun. 27 Feb
A lift is available from and to Cork for the first 4 respondents

Your Association Needs You.

 Whole Island Organisation and 1/3 of all officers are to be from Cork.

Have your say and have your association your way!!!



Wet The Shamrock

Sun. 13 March at 12.00 noon.
€5 p/p entry fee.

This to be an open draw doubles event.


Easter Egg Competition

Sun. 3 April at 12.00 noon.

LOOK!!! No entry fee.

This to be an open draw doubles event.


Club Singles

Sunday 29 May at 12.00 noon.

latest registration by 15th May

€2 p/p entry fee.


Pre Blitz Club Doubles

Sunday 21 Aug. at 12.00 noon.
€2 p/p entry fee.
This is intended to give match practice to doubles teams competing in the Blitz

(but it is not essential to enter your Blitz double.)


Frankfield Boules Blitz

Sat. 27 & Sun. 28 August
at 9.00am.
€30 per double.

This is an open competition and open to all.

Registration through the secretary to be confirmed by 1 Aug

Club Barbecue

Sun. 4 Sept. at 12 noon.

All members of Club members Families welcome.

(Let’s get the next generation tossing some boules!!)


Christmas Competition

Sun. 13 Nov. at 12.00 noon
This to be an open draw doubles event.
€7.50 p/p entry fee.